A Guide to Patterns and Forms in Trainyard

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The Combine

The Combine is probably my favourite of the Trainyard forms. I think if you watch it in action, you'll feel the same way:

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That's right - with just a few squares, the Combine can neatly merge four (or three) in-phase cars, provided there's a two-square separation between each car. And because it gets reset after four cars pass through it, it can even take care of this eight-car surge:

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(Note the use of the Phase Filter, which delays the red cars until the yellows have passed through the Combine.)

The Combine is really just a Loop used in combination with a Molehill, but it can be very useful, and it's such an elegant tool that you should probably use it whenever possible.

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I also love Trainyard.

My reaction the first time I hit play on your first solution above: Wow!

Doug -- March 6, 2012