About the Antisocial Network

The Antisocial Network is a simulation that does the one thing that social networks are best at: reassuring us that people care about the stuff we put online.

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Whatever you post, it'll receive an endless amount of positive feedback, in the form of anonymous hearts and randomly-selected comments from imaginary people with randomly-generated names.

Usually, when you post something on the internet, it gets sent to a web server, stored, and displayed to other people. On the Antisocial Network, nothing actually leaves your computer: everything you write and every photo you post just gets moved around by your browser to make it seem as though it's been shared.

When you close the tab or exit your browser or whatever, anything you have posted to the Antisocial Network will disappear forever.

Whenever someone posts something, I do keep a log of the date and time of the post. But this log contains no other information whatsoever (not the content, not your IP address, not even whether it was an image or text).

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