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The contest is now closed!

Feel free to play around with the House of Commons below . (Saved predictions can no longer be changed, but you can still manage your profile and sharing settings.)

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An Explanation

This contest was just for fun - there were no prizes to win, other than the fame and adoration that awaited whomsoever found their name at the top of the High Scores list. I made it in my spare time with no sponsorship or encouragement from any political party, organization, or company, and I did my best to keep it politically neutral.

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If you select the option to display your username and score, other people will be able to see those two things on the High Scores list. This option can be disabled on the Manage Profile page.

If you make your prediction publicly viewable (by clicking the Share link), you'll get a custom URL to share. Anyone with that URL will be able to see your username and the numbers you predicted. You can disable sharing at any time.

Your email address will not be displayed, and I won't share it with anyone, and you won't be automatically signed up for my hourly newsletter or anything like that. You can opt-in to receive a couple of emails when I do things like upload the high scores list. Those emails will be sent through MailChimp, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Scores were calculated as follows: 676 minus the sum of absolute values of differences between predicted and actual seats for all parties, plus 16 for correctly guessing a Liberal win, plus 8 for correctly guessing a Conservative Official Opposition. Turnout was used only as a tiebreaker.

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I made this site. I hope you enjoy it.

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Parce que c'est un projet personnel créé dans mon temps libre, je n'ai pas eu le temps de développer une version française de ce site.