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Subject: Never fall in love with a tennis player.

Love means nothing to them.

playing tug-of-war with an angry kookaburra (1:36)

Disney animation legend behind Aladdin & Ariel draws in 3D virtual-reality (5:26)
[a bit grandiose - watch the first bit to figure out who he is, then skip to 2:40]

elliptical wooden gears (gif)

ninja dog (gif)

Ken M on healthy snack alternatives (image)

"My friend just cut her hair and used the leftovers to make a toupée for her guinea pig" (image)

lightning strike in the Grand Canyon (image)

Trivia Corner

Ships used to use "chip logs" to measure their speed: they would knot a length of rope at regular intervals, attach a chunk of wood at the end, and toss the wood in the water at the stern (back). The sailors would then count the number of knots that passed through their hands in a given time to determine the ship's speed.

Today, nautical speed is still measured in "knots". The book in which sailors recorded their speeds became known as a "log book" – this is the origin of both "logging an entry" and "computer login".